MOBI to EPUB is a free and easy-to-use E-book converter that can help you to quickly convert MOBI E-books to EPUB E-books, it can extract and convert the content in MOBI files, including text content, images, metadata and more.

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Software license: Freeware, free for personal and non-commercial use.

How to use: select a MOBI file (*.mobi) as source, then click the button "Convert" to start.

1. Metadata, supported metadata includes: Creator, Publisher, Source, Date, Rights, Subject, Language, Title and Description. Please note, currently, metadata fields cannot support HTML code and Unicode.

2. Table of Contents (TOC), there have two options: "By Title Tag" (default) and "By File Name".

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Both MOBI and EPUB are very popular E-book formats. EPUB is an open standard, it is supported by many software and handheld equipments, such as mobile phone, iPAD, iPhone and more.

1. Work with Windows OS platform (.NET Framework).
2. A few MOBI files cannot be converted, no idea about this by now.